We're removing the loneliness from online lectures.

LectureSync matches you with course peers to watch online lectures in-sync, chat in real time, and learn collaboratively.

The future of learning is online, however 82% of students who start online lectures, don't complete them.

We've talked to hundreds of students and found that online lectures make it hard to:

  • • Maintain focus
  • • Avoid distractions
  • • Keep motivated
  • • Stay up-to-date
  • • Clarify understanding
  • • Receive support

Do you need motivation to keep watching? Learning with peers makes online lectures immersive, fun and accountable.

How It Works

LectureSync integrates with partnered universities existing platforms. Simply log in to the platform you already use to set your learning goals and availability, get matched with peers, and start learning collaboratively.

1. Set A Time & Goals

Define your learning goals and list the times you are available to watch recorded lectures with others.

2. Get Matched

Don't have friends in your course? We match you with peers who share similar learning goals and availability as you.

3. Learn Together

Watch recorded lectures in-sync, chat live over call and ask questions in real time.

Better Learning Environment

Learning with peers is more fun and engaging. In fact, knowing others are watching with you helps you to maintain focus and avoid distractions.

Screenshot of small App
Screenshot of small App

Instant Feedback

When you ask questions and share your thoughts, receive responses immediately so you can clarify your understanding. This repetition also helps you to retain information better!

Accountable Habits

When you set your learning goals, you are creating healthy study habits. Your peers help you to stay motivated to reach your goals by keeping you accountable. After all, when you get matched, your peer is depending on you to be there.

Our Supporters

"I studied my degree online and it was difficult and lonely...Forum discussions felt like such an outdated way to communicate... I would have LOVED the option to have live chats with other students."

Emily F.

"I like LectureSync because I want to get more out of my learning than simply watching lectures back to myself online."

Jack C.

"It greatly assists my learning when I can discuss topics in real time, ask questions promptly, and clarify points that I didn't catch initially."

Phoebe F.

People are social. Online learning should be too.

LectureSync is free for all students. Find out if your university supports LectureSync.