Student Attrition Costs Australian Universities $1.4B Annually

The median Australian university loses more than $20 million every year from undergraduate withdrawals.

Hundreds of students have expressed interest in having LectureSync at their university. Here's what we learnt from them:

The future of learning is online.

64% of students we surveyed don't attend all of their classes. 85% watch online lectures. 21% also watch courses from external providers such as Udemy and EdX.

Online lecture engagement is very low.

82% of students who start online lectures never finish them. Students dislike e-learning as it lacks the personal interaction and immediate support that is offered in traditional classes.

Attrition is on the rise.

The average attrition rates of part-time and external students are upwards of 35%, and 15% for full-time students. Most students who leave after first year never come back, and cost Australian universities up to $50,000 each.

Our Supporters

"I studied my degree online and it was difficult and lonely...Forum discussions felt like such an outdated way to communicate... I would have LOVED the option to have live chats with other students."

Emily F.

"I like LectureSync because I want to get more out of my learning than simply watching lectures back to myself online."

Jack C.

"It greatly assists my learning when I can discuss topics in real time, ask questions promptly, and clarify points that I didn't catch initially."

Phoebe F.

Let's reduce student attrition and improve online lecture engagement together.